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International Center for a Culture of Compassion (I.C.C.C.)

Located in Fallsburg, New York, the I.C.C.C. explores and shares Heart's Home's spirit of compassion through retreats, seminars and conferences designed for families, business leaders, policy makers, artists, scientists, and persons from all backgrounds.

Our vision is to build a culture of compassion through our outreach to those who form culture.

Our goal is to create a beautiful space where we will be able to accommodate our educational programs and cultural events; a place of inspiration for all who thirst for an answer to suffering.

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Projected Programs

The I.C.C.C. will host:

  • Retreats, seminars and conferences offering an introduction to compassion as well as developments on how to infuse its spirit into every sector of human life.
  • Academic research center : the I.C.C.C. will accommodate in-house scholars in the disciplines of philosophy, theology, science, and economics as well as host invited scholars for specific academic projects and students working on their thesis. The investigations of our scholars will attempt to clarify the impact of compassion on their specific field of research.
  • Community Outreach : the I.C.C.C. will reach out to business leaders, policy makers, artists, religious and community leadership groups through lectures and publications.
  • Training sessions for young people from North America who would like to become Heart's Home missionaries in one of our 35 centers throughout the world; as well as continued formation in theology, philosophy and spirituality to the 100 "permanent members" of Heart's Home (seminarians, priests, religious sisters and lay consecrated).
  • The I.C.C.C. will also be a retreat center where groups and individuals can come to pray and rest.

Construction Timetable

  • 2007 : Heart's Home acquired a 125-acres property in Fallsburg , NY (a two-hour drive from New York City ). A home sits on the estate, where improvements are being done in order to welcome the first day-retreats and sessions starting year 2008.
  • 2008-2012 : First construction phase to build capacity to welcome people for overnight stays including:

                 -Construction of 8 2-person retreat cabins & a 4-bedrooms residence.

                 -Renovation of the 6,000 sq ft barns.

                 With the goal to:

                 -Have the first weekend / weekly retreats and sessions in 2009.

                 -Reach capacity to host 30 people for overnight stays by 2012.

  • Starting year 2013 we envision to build a large cultural center with capacity to host groups of 30 to 50 people, including students and scholars  


We invite you to become part of our vision, as we are embarking on a construction project which will significantly enhance Heart's Home's mission to build and spread a culture of compassion to people in every nation and circumstance.

Your gift for our construction project is a unique opportunity to share in our efforts to offer the much-needed gift of love and friendship to those who suffer.

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