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What is a Heart's Home ?

punto corazon

A Heart's Home is a very simple and welcoming house, a refuge of love and tenderness, located in a slum or a deprived area. It is the house of 4 or 5 missionaries (age 21 to 35 years), men or women of various nationalities, who chose to answer God's call through dedicating at least 14 months of their lives to the service of the poor.

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The Heart's Home missionaries...

... Meet

...the most suffering or lonely persons in deprived areas, orphanages, garbage dumps, jails, hospitals... and develop friendly and trustful relationships with them


.in India

... Act as a Link


...between these distressed people and the local services and charitable organizations to find the most appropriate solution to their situation.

on the garbage dump


... Welcome and listen


...to anyone knocking on the door; organize games for the children, help them do their homework.





Testimonies of current Heart's Home missionaries:

>> Amelie (Brazil)

>> Ed (Honduras)



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