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Heart's Home in the US

Heart's Home started in the US in November 2003, with the establishment of a first Heart's Home service center in the Bronx, NY. 

The 6 full time Heart's Home missionaries staffing the center dedicate themselves to:


Mike & cyril

-Assist the lost and forgotten,    especially the elderly and the disabled, providing services such as shopping, cooking, transportation…

-Visit AIDS and cancer patients, providing end of life care.

-Work with immigrants and minorities- providing services such as translations, help with filing social security claims, applying for public housing, getting food stamps…


>> Testimony of Cyril, Heart's Home volunteer in the Bronx, NY

After two years of service to the poor in The Bronx, NY; the missionary team of Heart's Home USA became aware of a large demand from young American Catholics for full-time, long-term, domestic and international missionary opportunities.

Young American Catholics are particularly interested in joining missionary organizations with a strong commitment to community and prayer life, as practiced by Heart's Home missionaries.

In response to this need, Heart's Home USA initiated a recruitment and outreach program to young Catholics throughout America .

The outreach began in July 2005 with the purpose of inviting young people to become Heart's Home volunteers, mostly through conferences in parishes and universities all over the US, as well as through volunteer fairs.

click to read the biography of Fr. Thierry

 Fr. Thierry de Roucy at Stanford University- 2005

If you are interested in spreading the word about the work of Heart's Home and our missionary opportunities to your Church, or College, or introducting us to your pastor or chaplain, please contact us.


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