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Become a Heart's Home Missionary       >> French
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e You are over 21, in good physical and psychological shape?

e You want to give at least 14 months of your life to God and the most impoverished?

e You are seeking God and want to live a faithful prayer life in a community that is rooted on respect and forgiveness?


Is this what you want to live?   Pray first and then contact us!

>> Practical points to consider


 Pre-departure training:

No previous professional experience or degree is required to become a Heart’s Home missionary. The only requirement is to be ready to give oneself fully.

However, discernment and preparation are essential in order to be humanly and spiritually prepared for the Heart’s Home mission.

It includes:
-A "Come & See" weekend
-An on-site two weeks training course

For details about our application and training process, please download the application packet below.



Volunteering with Heart's Home brochure

click on to download the PDF

Application packet

click on to download the PDF



Extract from the Charter of Heart's Home:

These young people will mainly be seekers of God, endowed with a real ability to adapt to different languages, cultures and customs. They will have a good health, and be particularly very well balanced both psychologically and emotionally. The missionaries will not be required to have any particular qualifications. They will rather be required to dare to give themselves freely.

>> Read the whole charter of Heart's Home


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