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Heart's Home at a glance

Founded in 1990 by Father Thierry de Roucy, Heart's Home is an international Catholic organization committed to promoting a culture of compassion.

Through charitable service…

Heart's Home provides an opportunity for young people to dedicate at least 14 months of their lives to serve the most suffering people in the world, by entering full-time missionary work in deprived areas all over the world.

Since 1990, Heart's Home has recruited and trained more than 1,100 missionaries from 18 countries, sending them into mission in:

•  30 service centers (“Heart's Homes”) in 20 countries. Located in the center of deprived areas, Heart's Homes host a team of full-time missionaries who provide grassroots services to the most needy of their neighbors, helping them to improve the condition of their lives.

•  2 “villages for the poor” (in Brazil and India) where deprived or disabled persons are welcomed, and prepare for rehabilitation through agricultural and craft training

>> how does Heart's Home make a difference?

in Peru

... To generate a vast movement of compassion

Through this grassroots level experience, the members of Heart's Home are able to generate a vast movement of compassion, at all levels of society.

Heart's Home offers its members the opportunity to live the charism of compassion and consolation by experiencing friendship with lonely or suffering people in the places where they live.

>> permanent vocations within Heart's Home

Heart's Home works to affirm the value of every person through various initiatives in the corporate, scientific and artistic world, as well as on the international level, through its consultative status with the United Nations.

Fazenda do Natal, Heart's Home village in Brazil


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