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To Love and Restore Dignity
to the most Wounded People in the World

Heart's Home Movie
(14 minutes)

  The Urgency of Love  

by Fr. Thierry de Roucy

"What upset me, at the start, was a cry: that of millions of children. A cry sometimes silent, which tears the heart, for it comes from suffering touching the deepest recesses of the being.

The suffering is never raw, nameless, detached. It wounds a heart, disfigures a face. It injures a person.

It is the incredible suffering of this vietnamese seminarian shut up for several years in a black dungeon, battling day after day against going insane. It is the suffering of this young Argentinan, violated from infancy, expelled from his home..."

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 Fr. Thierry de Roucy,  Founder and Chairman of Heart's Home



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